Saturday, February 04, 2017

Sony Xperia M4 Aqua – Disassembling procedure – How to replace the LCD display – Mobiles and smartphones repair and service

Place the phone face-down, and use a heat gun or hair dryer to evenly heat the back surface until to soften the adhesive.
Attach a suction cup to the back of the M4 Aqua by carefully pushing down on it near the top of the phone.
While Pulling on the suction cup, slide a thin plastic spacer (guitar picks work well) between the back cover and the phone. Slide it around the edges to break the adhesive. Be careful, but don't be afraid to use some force. You should hear a sticky breaking sound.
Remove the back cover by pulling it from the chassis. it is flexible and can be bent, be careful.
Near the bottom of the phone, unscrew the two phillips head screws, one 3 millimeters and the other 4 millimeters,
Remove the black plastic strip to reveal the speaker assembly. It is hooked underneath the circuit board beneath, force will be required to pry it out. Carefully unplug the microphone connector as you do this, ensuring not to snap it.
Remove the Metal LCD assembly cover by lifting up and pulling it out away from the edge of the phone, towards the middle. Disconnect the LCD connector. The assembly cover is flexible and can be bent, be careful when applying force. Carefully unstick the connector from underneath the LCD cover
Removing the screen is similar to how the back cover is removed.
Apply heat evenly to the screen attach a suction cup near the top of the phone, and use a plastic spacer to break the adhesive seal between the screen and the phone housing. Twisting the spacer can help to separate the back plate from the chassis.
Remove the screen by pulling it away from the chassis