Saturday, February 04, 2017

Philips FWP3200D – Disassembling procedure – Smps circuit diagram – Audio system repair and service

Dismantling of Main Unit
(1) Put the system upwards.
(2) Loosen 8 screws “A” open Top cover.
(3) Disconnect the wires in the canbinet.
Dismantling of Back Panel.
(1) Loosen 12 screw “G”.
(2) Disconnect the wires to draw out the Back Panel.
Dismantling of Main Board
(1) Keep flat the Top cover.
(2) Loosen 6 screw ”C”, to detach Main Board.
Dismantling of AMP+Power Board & Jack Board
(1) Loosen 4 screw “I”,to detach Jack Board.
(2) Loosen 6 screw“H”,to detach Remote Board
Dismantling of MIC Board &VFD Board
(1) Loosen 4 screw “D”detach MIC Board & loosen 5 screw”E” detach KEY Board.
(2) Loosen 2 screw“F” detach KEY Board.