Friday, February 03, 2017

Nexus 5X – Disassembling – How to replace the battery

Insert a SIM card ejection tool into the SIM card slot located on the left edge of the phone.
Press in with the tool of your choice until it pops out of the side of the phone.
Remove the SIM card slot tray and set aside.
Starting at the SIM card slot, stick the plastic opening tool in between the back panel and the phone.
Slide the opener tool gently around the phone until you hear clicks and visibly see the panel separate from the body of the phone.
Continue this process on each edge of the phone, until the only thing holding the back panel to the body of the phone is the fingerprint scanner.
Gently detach the back panel from the finger print scanner on the back of the phone.
Remove the ten screws securing the middle frame using a Phillips #000 bit piece.
Starting from the bottom, use a plastic opening tool to pry off the middle panel from the phone. Be careful when doing this because the middle panel comes in two pieces and if you start at the top, you may break the connection between the two pieces.
Using a plastic opening tool or fingernail, gently pry up the battery cable connector to release it from the motherboard.
Using an Opener, or something similar, heat the phone so the adhesive will loosen.
Carefully insert a single flat nylon spudger underneath the battery.
Apply enough pressure to release the battery from the adhesive holding it to the phone.
Removed the motherboard completely before attempting to remove the battery due to the
adhesive on our device being too strong and we did not want to damage the motherboard. similar to use.
Be extremely careful when doing this, if you use something sharp you may pierce the battery.