Thursday, February 02, 2017

MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC - DLP PROJECTION HDTV - WD-57733 - WD-57734 - WD-57833 - WD-65733 - WD-65734 - WD-65833 - WD-73733 - WD-73734 - WD-73833 – Circuit adjustment procedure – Geometrical adjustment

Circuit Adjustment Mode
On these models, the Circuit Adjustment Mode is used for:
# Test Signal activation
# Horizontal and Vertical Centering
# Auto-alignment of edge geometry
# The following adjustments may only be performed using the remote control.
Horizontal and Vertical Centering Adjustment
1. Activating the adjustment mode
1. Press the “MENU” button on a remote hand unit. (The “MENU” display will appear.)
2. Press the buttons “2”, “4”, “5” and “7” in that order. (Adjustment mode will appear.)
If not changed to the adjustment mode press “EXIT” and repeat steps 1 and 2.
2. Test Signal Activation (for H and V position adjustment)
When in the Circuit Adjustment mode, press “PLAY” then “REWIND” twice on the remote control to activate the test pattern. This pattern is used for H+V electrical centering adjustments. To cycle through the various test patterns, press PLAY then REWIND or FAST FORWARD.
3. Adjustment Function Selection
Use the “AUDIO” button to select a specific Adjustment Function.
NOTE: There are 2 Service Functions on these chassis: “TVM” and the “ASIC” function.
4. Adjustment Selection
Use the “VIDEO” button to select a specific electrical adjustment, “1.HVPOS”.
5. Adjusting Data
After selecting an adjustment item, use the “UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT” buttons to change adjustment.
# If the “UP/DOWN” button is pressed, the VPOS adjustment data changes.
# If the “LEFT/RIGHT” button is pressed, the HPOS adjustment data changes.
6. Saving data
Press “ENTER” to save the adjustment data in memory.
The display characters go red for approximately one second in this step.
Note: If the circuit adjustment mode is terminated without pressing “ENTER”, changes in adjustment data are not saved.
16-Point Geometric Distortion Correction
# Calculates new geometry based on positional movement of 16 points
# 16-Point correction replaces mechanical adjustment
# Alignment does not effect center, it only affects the edge geometry
# When the adjustment mode is activated all 16 points will be set to default position
# Pressing the INFO button will perform the distortion calculation and finalize the adjustment
# The adjustment is not saved until the ENTER button has been pressed
# Pressing the ENTER button will save, however it will not indicate this in any manner
# For the adjustment to work properly all 16 points must be aligned before pressing INFO button
NOTE: In the PC Input or FX Game Mode electronic geometric correction is not available.

A. Activating the Adjustment Mode
1. Press the “MENU” button on a remote hand unit. (The “MENU” display will appear.)
2. Press the buttons “2”, “4”, “5”, “7”, pause and then press “0” (Data Selection Mode will appear)
Data Selection Mode
3. Use the UP/DOWN arrows to highlight “MANUAL KEYSTONE GEOMETRY ALIGNMENT” and press ENTER.
The following pattern appears.
NOTE 1: If data is out of range, you may need to perform reset - Press (1) then INFO). This nulls all correction data.
NOTE 2: To restore the original factory correction data, repeat steps 1 thru 3, select “RESTORE KEYSTONE GEOMETRY FROM BACK UP” and press “ENTER”.
B. Manual Keystone Geometry Alignment (There are 2 modes of adjustment: FULL and TOUCH UP)
Part 1
(Note: if data is out of range, you may need to do a reset before starting - press “1” then “INFO”)
1. When entering the Keystone Adjustment mode you will see the test pattern as shown in the drawing above.
The point in the upper left corner will be a cross.
2. Starting from the 1st point (upper left corner) use the “UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT” buttons to adjust the selected point (selected point is the one that is a cross)
3. Align each point in a straight line, use the bezel as a reference. See example drawing below.
NOTE: Only the cross will move. The pattern will not change.
4. Use “FASTFORWARD” button to move between each point or “REWIND” to go back.
Part 2
5. After all 16 points are aligned properly, pressing the “FASTFORWARD” button again automatically activates the 4:3 mode (there is no change in the display). There are 11 patterns, each with a small variation of distortion in the 4:3 mode vertical lines. Continue pressing “FASTFORWARD” to cycle through the 11 patterns until you find the straightest 4:3 lines, then go to step 6.
6. Press the “ENTER” button to save the adjustment and “EXIT” to leave the Adjustment Mode..
Note: There will be no indication that the save was successful.
3. Verify Geometry by using internal test pattern. If not even, redo the above steps or enter the TOUCHUP ADJUSTMENT MODE (Note: 4:3 adjustment not available in Touchup mode)
1. Enter the Keystone Manual Geometry Alignment.
2. Use the “FASTFORWARD” or “REWIND” buttons to move to the point you want to touch up.
3. Use the “UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT” buttons to adjust the point. Only the cursor will move, the test pattern will not change.
4. Press the “INFO” button to apply the correction. The test pattern will show the correction. Repeat steps 2-3 as needed.
5. Press the “ENTER” button to save your changes.
6. Press the “EXIT” button to leave the alignment mode.
Note: If data is ever adjusted so that lines are showing severe distortion, you can reset to default data by pressing “1” then “INFO”.