Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Harman kardon AVR254 – How rest the AVR – Amplifier circuit diagram

Erase a macro
1. Simultaneously press and hold the Activity Button and the Numeric Key or AVR Power On Button assigned to the activity until the Source Selector or AVR Settings Button lights.
2. Press the Activity Button to erase the macro.
Resetting the Remote
To reset the remote to its factory defaults, simultaneously press and hold the TV
Source Selector and the “0” Alphanumeric Key. When the TV Button re-lights, enter the code “333”. When the TV Button goes out, and all of the Source Selectors flash, the remote will have been fully reset.
Processor Reset
There may be instances when you wish to fully reset the AVR 254 to its factory defaults, or the unit may behave erratically after a power surge. To correct erratic behavior, first try turning the Master Power Switch off and unplugging the AC power cord for at least three minutes. Plug the cord back in and turn the receiver back on. If this doesn’t help, try a system reset.
# A system reset erases all user configurations, including video resolution, speaker and level settings, and tuner presets. After a reset, you will need to reenter all of these settings.
# The RS-232 Reset Button on the rear panel of the AVR 254 does not perform a system reset. DO NOT press the RS-232 Reset Button.
To reset the AVR 254, place the receiver in Standby mode (press the front panel Standby/On Switch so that the Power Indicator turns amber).
Then press and hold the front-panel OK Button for at least five seconds until the RESET message appears in the display.
If the AVR 254 is unplugged or experiences a power outage, it will retain user settings for one month.